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Give Yourself The Best Chance For Your Best Outcome

About The Author


Edward L. Jones,  MBA,  MS Higher Education, BA History,  Certified Life Coach. 

Edward served as an Associate Vice President at California State University, Sacramento, Director of University Housing and Dining at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale and Vice Chair of a 100-million-dollar credit union in southern Illinois. Through his 35-year professional career he learned how to create win-win work environments through trial and error. He was able to survive and thrive in office situations and wants to help others do the same. He discovered that the key to success in organizational settings is to focus on the mission or “end game”. Office politics is inevitable; some say a necessary evil. Edward believes it is necessary, but not necessarily evil. Edward has been sharing his wisdom with colleagues and the general public for years through speeches, presentations and workshops, now it is in print. In this book, he will teach you how to successfully address a variety of issues in the workplace. Edward lives in Carmichael, California. He is married with three grown children and five grandchildren.

Office Politics The Right Way


This book is for anyone who wants to enhance work relationships and improve productivity. 

Section I starts with Principle 1, Self-Awareness. Before addressing any aspect of life, one must first understand him/herself. With this knowledge it is much easier to authentically address anyone or situation effectively. 

 Principle 2, Managing Up, sheds light on how to work with the boss. Learning how to anticipate and respond to the boss’, spoken and unspoken expectations can advance or stunts a career. Nearly 50% of job satisfaction is derived from employees’ relationships with their bosses.  

Empowering Assets, Principle 3, provides information on how to get the best performance from subordinates. 

After shedding light on vertical relationships, The Collaboration Exchange, Principle 4, deals with peers. Colleagues might not make or break each other, but life is so much better when relationships with peers is good. 

Section II delves into broader workplace issues. 

Principle 5, The “Other”, addressees inclusive policies and practices that help organizations unleash the talent inside all employees no matter what body it comes in. 

Principle 6 discusses how Political Capital can be gained or lost. This chapter goes to the heart of office politics; it describes how to use emotional intelligence in the workplace. 

Principle 7, Mission Driven, pulls it all together. People from different political persuasions and backgrounds can work effectively when they focus on what’s most important to the organization: the mission. This Principle explains how it can be done.

Office Politics The Right Way