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Life Coach FAQ's


What is life coaching? 

Coaching is a powerful nuanced process of communication and problem solving. The relationship between a coach and client is co-creative and focused entirely on the client’s interests, challenges, goals and dreams. 

What is the difference between coaching and counseling? 

Coaching vs. Counseling (Therapy) 

Coaches work with clients who want to work with an objective partner who can help them enhance their lives through possibility thinking and action. 

Therapist work with clients that need or want professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution.

Coaches use questions and reflection to highlight their client’s strengths and areas in need of development and then help the client uncover their own wisdom and solutions. 

Therapist are experts in medical and behavioral sciences trained to treat diagnosable conditions.    

Coaches use personal disclosure as a tool to catalyze and challenge their clients. 

Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts removed.  

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