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The Four Relationships that Matter

The Four Relationships That Matter Most

Relationships matter whether it’s self-care, with a significant other, with family or colleagues. At the end of interactions with others, people should ask the following question: How did I leave them – happy, encouraged, empowered, angry, discouraged or sad? 

Relationship with Self

Self-awareness is the foundation for all relationships; the more people are aware of their internal drivers, thoughts and behaviors, the more authentic they are with others. 

This presentation will help participants answer the deceptively simple question: “Who am I”?

Relationship with Significant Other

Fewer people are getting married and marriages aren’t lasting as long. In this presentation we will explore the causes then present options that could lead to lasting emotionally intimate relationships. Participants will learn how to establish and/or maintain a healthy loving relationship.

This presentation will assist with selecting the right person and being a better partner 

Relationships at Work

Establish and/or maintain a pleasant/productive workplace.

After this presentation, you’ll feel better about coming to work!

Relationship with Your Faith

This presentation is for those who have faith in a power greater than themselves.

After this session, you’ll be able to understand YOUR faith better.